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Sunday, February 10, 2008

This sums up my feelings on VD completely...


Saturday, December 01, 2007

The great thing about privelege.......

is that you can have it, but never have to acknowledge that you actually have it:

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The City has a plan..........................

I was a litle perturbed by the upcoming 40 shutdown. The city has a major plan to alleviate some of the burden. I honestly feel less stressed about this now.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Sunday

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank you, MSN, for allowing an idiot to illustrate my point...............

Please refer to my previous post. Note the part where I said starting any sentence with, "I'm not racist, BUT........." followed by a diatribe of filth doesn't remove the hate in your words?

When reading a message board concerning the arrest of Foxy Brown (I don't know why I had to know what she did, but it turns out she beat up some dude while she was gluing in her hair extensions in a beauty supply bathroom. Her celeb status has really dropped.) this is one of the comments I saw:

"What about the black hooker with 10 different DNA's in her and when she lied and cried foul, There was an immediate investigation, lawsuit, Jesse Jackson and the other preacher all screaming for justice and nothing said when, no apologies given to the white team members after it was all said to be a lie....don't tell me blacks get treated any different than anyone else...maybe if the pulled up their pants, got a education, did something to change the neighborhoods they live in, get rid of the gold and platinum teeth and stop slurring their words, get off of the band wagon with the 24" rims and living like a star, take responsibility for the children they create, stop screaming for government assistance, get over one in generation X knows anything about being a slave, Maybe things will be better for everyone!

With that rant, don't think of me as a racist...just tired of hearing how the black man is unfairly treated.

By the way, did i mention that there are more scholarships and financing available to the black man than the white man and even easier to obtain, wheres my justice?

Try being a white man trying to get into a predominately black university and denied because of my skin color...racism happens everywhere in the world.

Where's the NAACP or NAAWP for me?"

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Urban

A post over at Brick City jumpstarted my drive to post something about this topic because the residents of suburban St. Louis, are for, the most part the most racist idiots I think I have ever run into. Specifically, those people living in St. Charles. And before people dispute me on this shit; don't. I lived there for 18 years. Don't try to explain to me that you aren't racist, even though you only live by your kind, work with your kind, and have friends that are your kind.

Here are some of the examples to illustrate my point:

New Urban:
We're going to take all of the perks of the city and move them out to good old St. Charles. That's right; we're going to build coffee shops, and martini bars, and even a convention center. All the fun without the crime, minorities, or poor.

No public transit here:
St. Charles refuses to participate on Public Transit. Refuses. However, they have tried to get onto the board to make decisions; despite the fact that the county doesn't pay for Metro and doesn't want it in its area. The reason: fear. I have heard on more than one occasion, that people from East St. Louis would ride metro over to St. Charles and rob people. I swear to God I have. One person told me that they don't ride Metro because it is dangerous His proof: someone called him ugly on the train and they were obviously looking for a fight. People have also blaimed the Metrolink for the fights at the Galleria and an altercation at the Brentwood station. I have also heard this stuck up bitch co-worker of mine say that you would never catch her on a bus. I wanted to throw up.

I guess people couldn't have rode the busses that have been going through that area for years to commit crimes. Seriously. How is public transportation dangerous? Or is it that you will have to be AROUND people who you innately believe are dangerous. I think I know the answer.......

The bottom line: I defy someone to find violent crimes associated with metro.

Go West Young Man: Urban Sprawl. People moving further and further west to "safe" areas. Safe areas like Troy, MO; where one of the largest KKK organizations in Missouri is still active. Safe indeed.

I've heard several people say something about moving west to get away from the ni##ers. Followed by some ridiculous race filled rant that trails off because I'm walking away.

Apparently, crossing the bridge altogether is unsafe to them. According to at least one person I know of in O'Fallon, Maryland Heights is Ni**erville.

These people start sentences of racism by saying, "I'm not racist but............"
Does anybody understand how those four words wipe out any racist bullshit that follow them because I never have.

I could go on and on and on.

Here's my point: you wanna know why the city of St. Louis is dying? Teamwork.

Yeah, that's right: Teamwork! The city itself may have some problems; don't get me wrong. The operations within the city aren't perfect. However, looked at the inability for some people in this area to be able to work together as a team to get planning done. Listen to the casual hate in the voices of the westward residents and you'll find a major problem. Everybody knows it and no one wants to say it, but if the city were Dave Chappelle, it would say, "Oh Lord, this racism is killing me inside."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Revenge of the GERD

So, last night, I couldn't sleep. I enjoyed a particularly spicy homemade Mexican meal. I'm thirty. I drink and smoke occasionally. I'm overweight. And now, apparently, as a result of my complete lack of taking care of my body, GERD has come to punish me. GERD is suck. I just met GERD today and I hates him. He is punishing me for that which I enjoy. Why, GERD, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Ahem, in order to alleviate and possibly eliminate the GERD I must:

-Lose weight (I'm okay with this. It is what I have to do to get it that pisses me off)
-Stop eating acidic foods, fried foods, and caffeine (So, I can have steamed cabbage juice. Now I'm pissed)
-No smoking
-Less drinking
-Watch my stress

Basically, I cannot eat delicious foods and I'm not allowed to use my current maladaptive coping mechanisms to combat my love of cheese.

Why must you torment me, evil GERD? I'll keep you updated on the GERD scourge................