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Sunday, February 05, 2006

How it all began

I already have a blog with two other people. Then, why, you ask, are you wasting our precious cyberspace with yet ANOTHER blog. Sit down and listen and I will tell you why...........

I'm a 29 year old UNMARRIED female. Not only am I unmarried, I really have no desire to get married. I see those around me getting married. AND I mean everyone. I don't dislike the institution of marriage, I dislike what it seems to do to some people's brains. The problem is, most of the people I know are married. Scratch that. Nearly every damned person I know is married. I cannot relate sometimes to their lives. I have nothing against their lives, I just see a larger and larger chasm in the friendships that I previously had with people. Its disheartening.

I've also really started to get enlightened regarding the place for women, especially in American society. I've started to notice some of the ways that women are subjegated and even the way that we do it to ourselves. By truly standing up for what I believe is right, I run the risk of alienating life long friends that I truly do love. Even if I think that their fiancee is an ASSHOLE!

My femininity is not a drawback, but a strength. I am angered by society's constant attack and sexualization of women at all times. I wish it to end. We are sexual creatures, all of us, but not just that. I'm not dead above the neck.

When it comes right down to it, I'm just a woman, trying to struggle and make it in this society. I am trying to get the respect I deserve while still being true to myself.


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