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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

He's finally trying to do something legal..........

I used to have a roommate. Well, I used to live with a roomate. I decided to move out from her house about a year and a half ago. Why? Well, I'll tell you why. She wanted to move her prison boyfriend in. Yes, that's right people. Someone who had spent the majority of his twenties in prison for robbing churches, only to be paroled, accused of armed robbery, and sent back to prison was being let out. Into her home. Where he could hang his rebel flag in the living room (no joke). She visited him often at the prison and he called often to the house. She told me she was in love. I thought she was insane.

You see, they didn't start dating until he went back to prison. She had been a thrill seeker since I had known her at age 12. The thought of marrying at ex-con would surely be a thrill AND a slap in the face to her rich, overbearing father. Its kind of pathetic to try to rebel against your father when you are 27, but some people never grow up. She was washing his Pantera and Motley Crue t-shirts for him one day AND keeping his 80s furniture at her house until he could get out. The one time that I met him while he was on parole, he tried to "peer pressure" me into drinking with them. I was 27! Who in the hell is worried about people thinking they are "cool" at 27? People who missed the developmental stage of their life called "the 20s" and still wanted to go to keggers.

Anyway, apparently, their relationship has been going swimmingly. Despite the fact that he can't keep a job and has wrecked two of HER cars. He proposed. She accepted. I have to see this low class wedding.


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