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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dear Co-worker

You are a jackass. Utterly and completely. You think you should be the senior in our department because you have been there the longest. Its bullshit. You do not communicate, you are insecure, self serving, disorganized and finger point as if your life depended on it. The fact that you think that you deserve a title without any responsibility is ridiculous. You are pompous, arrogant, and worst of all, ignorant. There is nothing worse that a moronic blowhard. The worst part is that other departments actually think that you are the backbone of our department. If that's true, then we're spineless.

You also think that any time that something is going on that it is necessary for you to pound your chest and be King Kong. Remember, he was killed in the end. No one needs you to save them. Sit down and concentrate on your own pile of work because you are wasting a tremendous amount of time trying to make sure that I am doing my job right, when you fuck up all the time. Eyes on your own work, Junior.

When a fellow co-worker complains to you about your behavior, they are not being "pissy", "bitchy", nor are they on a "high horse". That kind of talk is disrespectful and dismissive.

I know all of this ranting is pointless because you are so ineffectual that you will be in the same job long after everyone else has moved on.


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