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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My daddy gave me a name and he walked away..........

I have a real ass for a father. I'm sure I'm not alone here. Hell, there are even people out there who have never met or who don't know who their father is. I guess I am fortunate in comparision.

I say he is true ass because he is. He has not exactly been a five star father. He cheated on my mom and they divorced. He left with the woman in question. She treated me like an annoyance for my entire childhood. He ignored it. I was starving for attention. He ignored it. He's Switzerland. I suppose its easiest for him.

I am the most beloved and best treated of his children. He has two children from the marriage before my mother. I saw them quite a bit as a child. My brother and sister moved as teenagers to Texas. I've seen my brother one time since he was 13 years old. He'll be 35 this October. I've seen my sister twice since then and she'll be 40 this July. They both have children that I've never held or kissed or played with. I have nieces and nephews who don't know me. Its all that jackass' fault.

Their mother died a few years ago of cancer. They are orphans and yet, he still tries to maintain his stupid pride. I hate him for that. He and his wife send me stupid cards that say, "Call us sometime." Why in the fuck can't you call me or them, for that matter? I am so angry because he always has to do what is easiest. Why does he always do what is easiest??

My dad named my brother and he named me as well. Then, he walked away.


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