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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Someone call Jerry Springer

What the fuck is up with these two:

Rosie - What in the hell were you thinking? I like your stand up AND I sorta liked your daytime show. A little too super nice for my taste, but it was okay. Lately though, I must say, the self importance meter: WAY WAY up. TOO up. First of all, you commented on a beauty pageant for God's sake. An effing beauty pageant. Why? Who in the hell cares besides the pageant people. *On a slightly different note, why in the hell are beauty pageants still around? This is 2007, right? Why are women still being judged for a competition based on how they fill out a swimming suit?* I digress. The minute you make a personal attack on someone, you cannot be surprised or insulted. You made a character assessment, now, not surprisingly, he's going to pick at your personal appearance. Please, stop acting like white trash and end this ridiculous media bullshit. I'm sick of hearing it as part of my morning "news".

Donald - I don't like you. I never have. I have never watched "The Apprenctice." Almost no matter what Rosie says, I will like her more. You cheated on your wife. I hate that shit. You are attacking Rosie's personal appearance. Your head looks like a soft serve ice cream cone. If you weren't wealthy, there is no way you would have landed Catwoman. Please shut up and go away.

Remember this. Money doesn't buy class.


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