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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank you, MSN, for allowing an idiot to illustrate my point...............

Please refer to my previous post. Note the part where I said starting any sentence with, "I'm not racist, BUT........." followed by a diatribe of filth doesn't remove the hate in your words?

When reading a message board concerning the arrest of Foxy Brown (I don't know why I had to know what she did, but it turns out she beat up some dude while she was gluing in her hair extensions in a beauty supply bathroom. Her celeb status has really dropped.) this is one of the comments I saw:

"What about the black hooker with 10 different DNA's in her and when she lied and cried foul, There was an immediate investigation, lawsuit, Jesse Jackson and the other preacher all screaming for justice and nothing said when, no apologies given to the white team members after it was all said to be a lie....don't tell me blacks get treated any different than anyone else...maybe if the pulled up their pants, got a education, did something to change the neighborhoods they live in, get rid of the gold and platinum teeth and stop slurring their words, get off of the band wagon with the 24" rims and living like a star, take responsibility for the children they create, stop screaming for government assistance, get over one in generation X knows anything about being a slave, Maybe things will be better for everyone!

With that rant, don't think of me as a racist...just tired of hearing how the black man is unfairly treated.

By the way, did i mention that there are more scholarships and financing available to the black man than the white man and even easier to obtain, wheres my justice?

Try being a white man trying to get into a predominately black university and denied because of my skin color...racism happens everywhere in the world.

Where's the NAACP or NAAWP for me?"


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