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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Revenge of the GERD

So, last night, I couldn't sleep. I enjoyed a particularly spicy homemade Mexican meal. I'm thirty. I drink and smoke occasionally. I'm overweight. And now, apparently, as a result of my complete lack of taking care of my body, GERD has come to punish me. GERD is suck. I just met GERD today and I hates him. He is punishing me for that which I enjoy. Why, GERD, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Ahem, in order to alleviate and possibly eliminate the GERD I must:

-Lose weight (I'm okay with this. It is what I have to do to get it that pisses me off)
-Stop eating acidic foods, fried foods, and caffeine (So, I can have steamed cabbage juice. Now I'm pissed)
-No smoking
-Less drinking
-Watch my stress

Basically, I cannot eat delicious foods and I'm not allowed to use my current maladaptive coping mechanisms to combat my love of cheese.

Why must you torment me, evil GERD? I'll keep you updated on the GERD scourge................


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