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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I had the funk

Since last Saturday, I have had THE worse illness/sinus bullshit. I'm finally a little bit better today. Better enough to go to the park and commence working out without passing out due to my nasal passages being blocked.

I'm going on week four of a Mexican standoff with my co-worker who stated that if a project comes to be an issue that he and another co-worker could blame me, even though HE was the one who pretended to know what he was doing, only to fuck something up. Once caught with his pants down, he blamed my other co-worker, who confronted him, and that is when he told her that they could conspire together. She promptly told me what he said. Fucking weasel. I, against my own nature, told the boss and she brought it to his attention that blaming others isn't an acceptable problem solving skill. I would love to have seen his face when she said that. I'm sure he was shitting bricks for getting caught. He left me a card two days ago on my desk with two kittens cuddling saying he was sorry. He's only sorry for getting caught and because I ignore him and it makes him feel uncomfortable. He's not truly sorry for what he did. I laughed because: a) it happened weeks ago and he's just NOW apologizing and b) he gave me a fucking kitten card instead of just apologizing to my face and c) I don't give a fuck what he does now, I don't trust him anymore and our working relationship is ruined. His fault. Period.


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