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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Forest Park Southeast Safety Meeting: Part 2

Well, tonight was another Safety Meeting for the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood (my neighborhood).

Anyhoo, less people this evening, but some of the same colorful characters last time. There have been thirty two arrests this past month. Guess how many of those arrests were residents? 8. That's right. Only 25% of the arrests were from actual residents of this area. So, guess what? People are coming here to commit crimes! Yippee. I guarantee almost none of the drug arrests are residents.

To all the people who are coming to my neighborhood to buy your fucking drugs, or those of you who come here to sell drugs, I suggest we go to your street corners and set up shop and start selling drugs on your street corners. Oh, you don't like that shit? Well then stop buying fucking drugs in my neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!! There is a supply because you assholes come here to buy it. If I see your ass buying drugs on Tower Grove, Arco, Oakland or anyplace else, I WILL write your license plate down and I will call 911, and I will call 241-COPS to report your ass. If you live here and sell drugs, I will call 911 and turn your ass in. I don't care. I have a right to a nice neighborhood. I see alot of improvements for this neighborhood and you just aren't factoring into the equation. You are apparently commiting 75% of the crimes and I'm going to do my part to end it.


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