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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Forest Park Southeast Safety Meeting: Part 2

Well, tonight was another Safety Meeting for the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood (my neighborhood).

Anyhoo, less people this evening, but some of the same colorful characters last time. There have been thirty two arrests this past month. Guess how many of those arrests were residents? 8. That's right. Only 25% of the arrests were from actual residents of this area. So, guess what? People are coming here to commit crimes! Yippee. I guarantee almost none of the drug arrests are residents.

To all the people who are coming to my neighborhood to buy your fucking drugs, or those of you who come here to sell drugs, I suggest we go to your street corners and set up shop and start selling drugs on your street corners. Oh, you don't like that shit? Well then stop buying fucking drugs in my neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!! There is a supply because you assholes come here to buy it. If I see your ass buying drugs on Tower Grove, Arco, Oakland or anyplace else, I WILL write your license plate down and I will call 911, and I will call 241-COPS to report your ass. If you live here and sell drugs, I will call 911 and turn your ass in. I don't care. I have a right to a nice neighborhood. I see alot of improvements for this neighborhood and you just aren't factoring into the equation. You are apparently commiting 75% of the crimes and I'm going to do my part to end it.

Monday, April 17, 2006

"No Snitches"="Code of Silence"

In 2004 police officer Andrew Spengler, was having a housewarming party. Several off duty officers were there, drinking. Frank Jude Jr., a black male and stripper, came to the party with his stripping bodyguard, also a black male, and two white women. Apparently, at some point after arriving at the party, Jude figured out that this wasn't his scene after hearing racial comments. As the four started to leave, Spengler stated that his badge was missing. Immediately, a melee descended upon Jude. He was beaten, severly. A dozen men dragged him out of his car, beat him in the head, stuck pens in his ears, stripped him, and threatened him with a knife, all while yelling racial slurs at him. They beat him while blood gushed out. One of the women tried to call 911 and one of the officers twisted her arm and took the phone from her and said "Hang up the phone".

10 units arrived and detained the officers. It was described that Jude looked like a "bomb had gone off in his face". Here are the injuries that Jude sustained:

He suffered a concussion, a broken nose and fractured sinus cavity, cuts in both ears, cuts and swelling to his left eye, neck, head, face, legs and back, and a severely sprained left hand, his attorney said. His left eye was swollen shut and continued to bleed for 10 days.

Jude said he will need surgery to breathe through his nose again, may have permanent disability in one hand and suffers diminished vision. He said he has nightmares and panics when he sees police near his home in the Fox Valley area or when he visits extended family in Milwaukee.

The car was also vadalized severly, seats torn, radio destroyed, headlight busted out, and antifreeze poured into the back seat.

The wallet was never found.

Jude had difficulty identifying the officers, but there were several witnesses, including officers who were called to the scene. Many of the officers at the party would not give their account of what happened or denied what happened. The city fired most of the officers who attended the party.

Three men were formally charged and a trial ensued. There were several witnesses, including Jude himself, the two women, some partygoers, and two of the officers who saw Jude being attacked at the party gave testimony stating that the saw the officers engaging in the beating.

An all white jury acquitted all three men of any charges on Saturday.

Look at this picture:

This jury heard testimony of several people stating that the officers did it, but they didn't give a shit because he's biracial and he showed up to a party with white women. I am continually disgusted by people. How can these people live with themselves? I hope that this picture haunts them in their nightmares.

To add insult to injury, Andrew Spengler is petitioning to get his job back. He and the other officers have been getting PAID the entire time that this has been happening. If he petitions to get his job and can keep it, the city will be paying for all of his appeals, and will have to provide him with an attorney if Jude brings a civil suit against Milwaukee.

Milwaukee has launched a major anti-"Stop Snitching" or "No Snitches" program to encourage people to not feel intimidated into testifying against lawbreakers because witness testimony is key in stopping felonies. How can they police department even be taken seriously by the city of Milwaukee when the police department itself has a "No Snitches" program called "The Code of Silence"?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Who hasn't?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Unbelievable Cocksucker

I was reading Angry Black Bitch (seriously, check it out) and guess what I had reaffirmed to me yet AGAIN. Rush Limbaugh is a GIANT COCKSUCKER!
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What has a thumb and is a cocksucker? THIS GUY!
As if it wasn't bad enough that he called Chelsea Clinton the White House Dog (A grown man called a teenage girl a dog. Nice character.) He apparently has now called the woman who has accused the Duke Lacrosse team (Update: No DNA matches thus far) a "ho". Immediately, she's a "ho" who deserves what happens to her. I don't know that anyone raped her and apparently they haven't found DNA evidence matching anyone as of yet. However, the classic disgusting victim blaming? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this lying, piece of shit. P.S. Your ass should be in jail.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Suburban White People Decoded

"Bad" neighborhood: Any neighborhood where the population is not predominantly WHITE

"Wrong" neighborhood: see bad neighborhood

"Sketchy" neighborhood: see bad neighborhood

"I would live in the city, but the public schools are so terrible and we can't afford private schooling": The public school system is not predominantly white and the city is not predominantly white. My beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired daughter might meet a black man and have children with him. What would my friends think?

You are the only white person who lives in your neighborhood.": There are more than two black people in your ward and living in an area that is not predominantly white is something to be ashamed of because I would be ashamed. What would my friends think?